Grant Lund
Even as a child, I asked “What?” As I grew older I added “Why?” I tried to learn and understand “How?” Play was an important part of my life because it was non-threatening exploration of the what, the why and the how of my life.

As I grew older I realized these questions must work together. As I grew to love art, I realized that the definition of art was “to bring into relationship”. It is far more than a visual image. “Truth with our relationship has no value, but with good, which is the process of bringing into relationship, we then have beauty” Plato

As I explored core principles, I found that they are a thin book which holds up the creative application and could be validated through three or more points. The global guidance system uses this. I found that art, psychology and religion share the same core principle. Thus the energy of creating is the anchor of principle integrated with personal creative activity of the individual.
Grant Lund
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