Kristy Lender
I am an Illustrator and I love doing what I do! Art is entertaining, relaxing, and fun! I love creating fun pieces that tell stories or experiences. I've studied Illustration at Utah Valley University and anticipate graduating with my Bachelor's in Fine Arts degree in the spring of 2015.

My pieces come from a variety of areas for inspiration. Some come from my own life experiences while others are completely fictional, and still others are commissioned pieces based off of the experiences of others. "The Bun head" painting came from my personal experience after having sat behind the notorious bun head at a recital, unable to see anything. We've all experienced it, and most women have probably been it. But because of her, this piece was created. Then there is "The Book Worm". This piece came completely out of my imagination; why not have a girl sitting on top of a pile of books reading? There was no reason why, so I painted it.

I love art, and I love sharing what I know with others; especially children who are interested in developing their own talents. For the past three years, I have taught art classes to kids ages four to fourteen in Utah Valley. It's amazing to see that creativity spark in kids as they use and develop their imagination, and see themselves progress in their art skills. I am currently working on illustrating a children's book as well as a variety of commissioned projects.

If you would like to purchase any work or have any questions feel free to visit me at my Etsy shop: or email me at You can also see more work at:

I hope you Enjoy!
Kristy Lender
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