Rick Kennington
I have been an oil painter for about 10 years. I strive to paint images that spark emotion through feeling of a moment in time.

I have enjoyed drawing ever since I was young. I remember watching my older sister as she would draw and admiring her skill at the craft. I always remember trying to draw as well as her. This desire has always stuck with me and is always challenging me to raise my work to another level.

I am constantly viewing the world around me and I am amazed at the simple beauty that I am surrounded in. I use that time and beauty for inspiration in my work.

The great thing about being an artist is that I don’t know what the next 10 paintings that I am going to complete will look like. It is a constant journey, and adventure. Not having a strict plan for my work allows it to be more intriguing. Planning to paint is basically all that I plan. I strive to allow my Intuitiveness and inspiration to help with my work and try to not fight it.
Rick Kennington
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