Steven Jackson
I began doing my art projects in January 2012 after a weekend trip with my wife to Saint George Utah. Driving around we came across a little artist community just west of Saint George. This was an unscheduled visit as we had no agenda, just looking for something to do. We stayed for a couple of hours, talked to several artists who lived nearby and had a wonderful time. There were several types of art mediums on display, some of which were made out of metal. The metal art really intrigued me and started me thinking. It was on the drive back home that the idea hit me; I should start making my own metal art. The thing that bothered me at the community art center was almost all the art was “look-but-don’t-touch” art. I wanted my art to be different, something that could be touched, functional and possibly useful, all at the same time. With that idea I started making art out of heavy iron metal, which could be touched and considered functional. I decided to call my work, “Steven’s Kinetic Design” or “Art in Motion”. However, not all my work has motion, but all my work is functional or useful to some degree, and most important, made to be “Touched”. I have had good success and have sold several items online and at other Art Shows. I feel very fortunate to have been asked to be a featured artist in such a short time.
Steven Jackson
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