Christopher Herbert
I see my landscape photography through the eyes of my earlier years of art training from elementary grades thru to my college courses of drawing, painting and sculpture. I always ask myself, would I be interested in making a painting of this location or scene before me - from what view, perspective and what time of day or lighting? I normally get just one or two good shots per day according to the early morning / sunrise light and the sunset / evening light from the same spot, then later choose in Photoshop the exposures that look the best.

Having spent over 30 years doing table top / studio lighting advertising photos, also making dark room black & white enlargements using the same Ansel Adams techniques of dodging the dark areas and burning the light areas to maintain visual details throughout, I use the same concepts in Photoshop layers to bring out the artistic details the RAW photo files have to offer. Thus I call my landscape images, herbertphotoart.

I turned towards more seriously working in the realms of landscape images when North Star Printing of Spanish Fork, wanted me to help with their yearly promotional calendar, for unique images, starting with their 2011 calendar. I found myself drawn back to backpacking the High Sierras John Muir Trail and in Utah’s South West locations like Coyote Gulch near Escalante, Utah.

When my feet can no longer take me to these unique outdoor locations, I will have a nice collection of my own landscapes to turn into unique art pieces and paintings in my senior years.

Many thanks to be part of this unique project along with the many artists of Utah.
Christopher Herbert
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