Chad Farnes
Being raised in California, I thought that I was living in paradise. It seemed like perfection and better than anything I could ever dream of. I thought that I would live, grow old, and die in California and never imagined that I could possibly be happy in any other place. At least that’s what I thought until I moved to Utah.

I have been captivated by Utah since moving here after high school. I love the razor sharp mountains jutting out along the Wasatch Front. I am hypnotized by the red rocks throughout Southern Utah. I am fascinated by the endless outdoor adventures throughout the state.

I moved to Utah with the intention of becoming an artist. Intentions have changed and my career has slowly morphed into working in education, but I have always reserved my fascination of art.

For this art collection (shown April 2013), I am attempting to meld my love of art, history, and Utah together. As a result, I have featured several locations throughout Utah and the Intermountain West that I feel a strong personal connection with.

I completed all the art pieces using tape, such as duct tape, electrical tape, and masking tape. Tape, although cheap and disposable, can be formed and preserved to create inspirational pieces of art. The places featured in my art are also disposable if not carefully preserved and cared for. It is my hope that as people look at my art, they will think of their own personal connection to the places and locations featured and think about what they can do on an individual level to help preserve the cultural and environmental history throughout Utah and the Intermountain West.
Chad Farnes
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