Lee Cowan
There’s an allure to working in the parameters of that, which is proven by laws and that which appears to defy structure, the tangible intangibles, proof to theory, that which is known and that, which solely relies on faith. When we speak of space, the universe, or the heavens, we rely on that which has been made available by means of authority, but has only the validity of theory. On the other hand, there is that which governs, that which follows structure, that which can be explained by (a) law(s).

I have always been interested in the divisions of space by the means of proven structures found in plutonic, geometry, and other math theorems. To take this structure and infuse that, which cannot be harnessed, creates a visual idiolect that expands the dialog of this dichotomy. There is that which we see and that which is beyond our ability to comprehend. To me, this is a rather large field where there is much to be explored and questions to be posed.
Lee Cowan
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