Casey Childs
Receiving First Honors in the Portrait Society of America's 2011 International Portrait Competition, as well as a Certificate of Excellence the previous year, Casey has received notoriety and recognition for his work nationwide and is collected both publicly and privately. A Wyoming native, Casey grew up in a small town with a passion for creating art. But it wasn't until he attended a neighboring community college that he gained a strong desire to be a painter. He continued his education at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. And after a ten-year stint as a graphic designer, more training followed with an apprenticeship alongside renowned portrait painter William Whitaker. Casey is currently a full-time artist, working from his studio designed after the layout used by the old masters. Casey and his wife, Amanda, along with their sons Evan, Owen, and Cameron, currently live in Utah.

Artist Statement:
My work as a whole encompasses an exploration of the human experience. My interest in the people around me comes from the idea that we look at people every day, but we never really stop to SEE them. In every painting I strive to capture the beauty, variations and complexities of the human form. The goal of my portrait work is to capture the soul of the individual-not just their likeness. I'm inspired by the figurative works (to name a few) of Sargent, Fechin, Thayer, Caravaggio and John Giarrizzo. John, my art professor at Northwest College, instilled in me a great love of art and an immense desire to create it. His work and ideas have found their way into mine. I see my work as a self-portrait in that the subjects of my paintings are all a part of me, each painting a learning experience and an exploration of myself as an artist.
Casey Childs
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