Juliette Caron
I’ve had a love for creating since I was a small child. Expression is a part of my very being. I find it easiest to express myself through the human figure because there is something beautiful, intriguing and honest about it. The face and body are so expressive, there is so much one can read into the placement of a hand, a delicate twist of the back, the look in one’s eyes. I use bold colors to communicate the raw feelings inside of me. I find when I focus more on what I feel rather than what I see, the work is much more successful. I have always been interested in the lives and works of other creative people. My influences are Van Gogh, Waterhouse, Klimt, Chagall, Kahlo and Modigliani. My hope is that my paintings will inspire and lift others and bring simple pleasure and joy to their lives.
Juliette Caron
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