Teri Bylund
When I'm creating I'm at peace with myself. My heart, mind & soul become fused which is my version of internal harmony. Whether painting, writing or performing all give me a feeling of gratitude & accomplishment. Having received formal training early in life from parents, mentors & professionals I've spent a life time trying to pull away from all of that just to follow my own definition of what "Art" is. That said recently I've become fascinated with Encaustic art painting & Mechanical Transfer application. The ambiguity or impressionistic outcome intrigues me as well as the fact that many of the images I create can't be duplicated. Each & every piece is intrinsically singular/unique. I like to think of each one of us in the same way, as a piece of un-duplicated art "A Life Is Art". When an artist can take a medium & turn it into something that mirrors reality so beautifully as to inspire you to feel the joy & wonder for someone or something god created; then there's is a tiny miracle. I find myself looking for these inspirations daily.
Teri Bylund
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