Bill Brown
The horizon is always changing with another to take its place. There will be new lights to reflect the color of the scene of the landscape.

Through the creative processes of my mind's eye and a vivid imagination, I am able to set to canvas those images of the red rock country of Southern Utah. I love to use the brilliant colors of the landscape with the colors of my pallet to increase the intensity of the scene I am painting. My paintings seem to speak to me in soft hushed tones, as if to say: "I am but a small part of a larger creation made for the enjoyment of us all."

I can really get lost in the imaginative vision as I paint and create my abstract universal scenes of the heavens, earth and the depths of the oceans. Whether painting with acrylic or oils, the ends justify the means, as I take the memory of the scene home with me.

Though my career was in business, I've always been interested in the arts. Graduating from BYU in Theater and Media Arts, my wife and I founded and operated Springville's Villa Playhouse Theatre and the Little Brown Theater on Main Street for ten years. During that time we produced eighty productions for which I designed and painted the sets. Though a serious heart attack forced me to sell and close both theaters in 2005, the desire to continue to participate in the arts was as strong as ever.

I have always loved the creative process, even in my real estate career, whether it be to design a residential subdivision or a commercial building. That same creative urge fuels my painting. During the winters we spend in St. George, I love to explore imaginative ideas, bright colors, and abstract dimensions in my "space scapes." The colorful vistas that Utah offers are awe-inspiring to an artist. I love to paint the red rock country. With my "painting" eyes I view the world around me with a new vision..
Bill Brown
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