Jenny Bravo
Chile is something I use in my art frequently because of how much I miss it there. Whether I’m crafting the sand of a hot dry desert, or the warm crystal sea against the beach, or the luscious green tops of high mountains, or even a stormy sad rainy day. The reason I like painting is it helps me escape the daily routine. My art also gives me the opportunity to express what is inside my mind and heart. Even though sometimes I can’t put into words what I’m feeling, I always find my emotions coming out through the multiple colors and movement of the wax. Not only is it just an art style, but for me it’s an outlet. Whenever I paint, everyone is sleeping and I’m able to transform my kitchen into an art studio. Although it doesn’t take me hours, or weeks, or months to do a painting, but at the same time from one hundred pieces I do, only one resembles what I’m truly trying to express.
Jenny Bravo
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