Ralph Bartholomew
To speak the language of the artist, that beauty is how we define it and we are surrounded by the spectacular and the grotesque! I prefer the inspirational, the superb, and the stunning beauty which engages us 24 hours a day, in our limited lifetime and finite condition! I try to express it through my heart, and not just the mere use of media. To make a complete physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experience to view one’s world through the Artist’s Eyes, and varied talent and abilities! That is the challenge! We can attempt to communicate visually and make our statement! I have lived the life of the starving artist, and continued to passionately paint and draw what was in my heart. I have lived over 60 years in the Rocky Mountains, and my favorite places are: Flaming Gorge, Yellowstone National Park, and West Glacier. I have also traveled to Michigan and Minnesota, where I have fished the Great Lakes, Lake of the Woods, and seen Acadia National Park in Maine. In my travel, I have been privileged to bring back the memories of these places and more, and put on canvas and paper my impressions. I have been influenced by the Masters, and such Artists as James Taylor of Provo, Michael Coleman, my freshman Advisor, Robert Marshall, Trevor Southey, Alex Darius, Fred Takasaki, Floyd Breinholt, Cleston Rigby, and a host of others, including: Andrew Wyeth, Edward Betts, and Conrad Tanner. I expect to continue to paint and eventually leave a legacy of works that uplift and inspire the viewer to greater heights!
Ralph Bartholomew
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