Marilee Campbell
Art has enriched my life immeasurably. It has been a never ending treasure hunt--a lifetime spent looking for life’s visual gems. It has been a privilege to live surrounded by the kind of beauty that is to be found in this area.

My main emphasis has been to try to paint from life as much as possible, whether in still life or portrait or figure paintings.

Painting landscapes on location (plein air) teaches an artist to design quickly and with abandon, in order to capture the fleeting moment before the sun goes away. Your eyes see what the camera can not see and by painting outdoors, you learn things you cannot learn in any other way. It brings a liberating sense of freedom and insight that carries over into the studio.

I have worked mostly with pastels and at times with oils. It is a challenge to work outdoors with a full complement of pastels or oils but it has been rewarding in a special way.

I see musical rhythm and movement, as well as drama and theater, in landscape. When sunlight breaks through the clouds it becomes a wonderful, warm spotlight moving silently across a stage. I love being there! It has been a spiritual experience for me-- one that I value highly for the personal growth it has brought into my life.

Art fulfills a variety of important roles in society. Painting, however, is for me an act of love. In spite of much strife in the world, I see ‘peace and joy’ in life and hope to have that felt in my work.”
Marilee Campbell
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