Rod Morgan
It is my belief that everyone starts life as an artist. Observe any child with crayons, finger paint, mud castles etc. One day, somehow, most kids fall victim to critics and/or other interests. However, some of us emerge undeterred because for us the validation comes from within.

During this period, while other kids began to pursue different interests, I found myself engrossed in art classes. I especially remember learning about M.C. Escher and his visions of a geometrically warped world. The sight of his “knot” endlessly twisting around and back inside itself became a major part of my inspiration.

Through drafting and descriptive geometry classes, I began to explore my own world of geometric constructions and optical illusions. As I tapped into the mystical properties of the isometric grid, I began to realize that I could envision three dimensional objects.
Rod Morgan
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