Jenna Benedikt
Raised in a village north of London, English-born artist Jenna von Benedikt grew up surrounded by music, dance, incredible scenery and fine art. She spent many childhood weekends exploring British countryside on horseback and catching the Tube to explore London city life. In 2000 her family moved to Utah’s Rocky Mountains, and von Benedikt’s interest in art deepened leading her to graduate with a Studio BFA at Brigham Young University, with studies abroad at the Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy. After several years of living in Southern California and Illinois, Jenna and her young family reside in Utah.

von Benedikt’s passion for art is inseparably connected to faith and family. Her creativity in art is driven by a quest to enjoy the Creation as a whole, as well as mankind’s part in it. Preferred mediums are oil on panel and canvas.

Artist Statement:
Nature—up close—often manifests herself in the form of abstracted landscapes, textures, and patterns, and are integral influences in my art, including my faith and spiritual education; many of my personal beliefs have distilled from time spent outdoors.

My pieces frequently have a dividing line or lines of some kind, perhaps a reminder that we are only temporarily enjoying this “landscape” and that we will continue on to another. Having been born in England & lived on another continent during my childhood and teenage yrs., I think about man's connection with his natural surroundings, as well as how often they change- we live in an extremely transient world.The decision to emigrate was such a pivotal event and changed the course of many things in my life. My faith teaches that we lived a life before this one and that we chose to be here for our experience and learning- what I see as movement and energy vs. moments of quiet for the soul, something I try to translate through my work.

Divisions define nature and life. Chaos and calm. Solitude and intimacy. Life & death. I'm reminded there will always be opposing forces to contend with—the choices we make literally and figuratively divide and create the ‘landscapes’ we physically and spiritually live in. To understand and respect nature is to better understand ourselves.
Jenna Benedikt
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