Bruce Sutton
Passion comes to people in different ways and at different periods in one's life. For some, it comes naturally, others through hard work and dedication, and to a few, it falls into their lap by accident. The later being the case with Bruce Sutton.

As a world traveler for his profession as a researcher and Certified Fraud Examiner, Bruce has enjoyed what many peoples and cultures offer our world. With a strong love for history, genealogy, and culture, helped by his love for the Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment periods from the 15th to 17th centuries, Bruce’s love developed especially for the artistry of the orient – through this, his passion for Japanese art-history-culture blossomed.

His passion and resulting conclusion being the restoration of many woodblock works of Ōoka Shumboku, a Master Artist and Woodblock Carver (1680-1763) from the Kanō School of Art in the Kamigata region (Kyoto and Osaka) and Edo, Japan. To whom was given the honorary Buddhist priestly rank of hogen.
Bruce Sutton
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