Todd Orchard
.."Beauty is at once the ultimate principle and the highest aim of art." Goethe

I believe that true art has a greater significance that goes beyond cultural comment or social commodity. Art is essential to human lives. I believe people are enriched by meaningful visual experiences. My ambition is to create a uniquely beautiful sight experience.

To achieve this aspiration, my process remains flexible and innovative. I consider myself a traditional painter. I am not, however, bound by any set of “traditional” rules. The act of painting is both difficult and satisfying; mental exertion is painful but the intellectual labor yields worthwhile rewards. Struggle and pain are essential for beauty to be created.

My work has always dwelled in the realm of realism. Though considered irrelevant by some, I believe this appropriate form of admiration, has no limit to expression. There is still so much to observe and paint. The natural world is incredible. A landscape combed with light and shadow stirs a desire in me to imitate nature. I often return to the landscape theme of near and far. The painted illusion of space is visually exciting; the organization of paint for this purpose always delights me.

However lofty my aspiration towards beauty, I realize that not every painting will be permeated with that quality; an effort to pursue this ideal is germane.
Todd Orchard
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